Retubing and rebuilding of heat exchangers

Before you replace costly equipment, talk to one of our Heat Exchanger Specialist about our proven, cost-effective retubing and rebuilding services.

A repair performed by Exchanger Services can extend the life of existing equipment 20 to 30 years, helping you avoid a major capital expense. We are fully equipped to rebuild heat exchangers regardless of size – either at our code shop or on-site at your facility.

Full Engineering Support

Our thermal and mechanical engineers can provide options for alternate rebuilding materials or to redesign your heat exchanger to meet new performance criteria. We can also analyze and correct any problems or redesign the heat exchanger in order to eliminate the root cause of previous failures or design flaws which caused the heater or condenser to fail.

Quick and Cost-Efficient

In most cases, on-site retubing can be done in just a few weeks. Our computerized project planning and scheduling keeps you constantly apprised of project progress. We can permanently repair most feedwater heaters and condensers for approximately 25%-50% of the cost of installing a new replacement heat exchanger.

Proven Procedures and Methods Guarantee Results

Following a thorough examination of your equipment, our engineers will provide a comprehensive report regarding the reasons for previous tube failures along with recommendations for corrective action. With the channel open and the shell removed, the tubes are cut and removed from the tube bundle. Tube supports plates, zone shrouds, tie rods and spacers are inspected, cleaned and replaced if necessary. Tube stubs are removed from the tube sheet and tube holes are cleaned, inspected and prepared for new tube installation.

The new tubes are carefully installed, with great care taken to prevent scratching, scoring, denting and bending. Tubes are positioned in the tubesheet and then mechanically or hydro expanded.

The shell is reinstalled and an air test is performed to check for tube joint leaks, with re-expansion performed as needed. Then the channel is closed and the unit is hydrotested. When applicable, a code stamp is applied as required to the vessel and it is returned to service.

For the highest quality and most efficient rebuilding service available, call Exchanger Services.

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