Heat exchanger specialists: Material sales

Exchanger Services has on hand a variety of items available for purchase and utilization by plant personnel. Such items include, but aren’t necessarily limited to:

Re-tubing / Re-building tools and consumables

  • Tube expanders, mandrels and rolls
  • Pipe prepping, tube cutting and milling equipment
  • Manual and orbital welding equipment
  • Quick and cost efficient

Tube Plugs:

  • Mechanical Drive In Plugs
  • Expandable Rubber Condenser Tube Plugs
  • Dummy Tubes

Tube Cleaning Equipment:

  • Various Types of Metal Scrapers
  • Various Types of Plastic Scrubbers
  • Various Types of Nylon Brushes
  • Flex Shaft Cleaners
  • Cutting and Buffing Tools and Tube Ceaning Drills Bits

Tube Inserts and Liners:

  • Inlet Inserts
  • Full Length Tube Liners
  • Tubesheet Repair Patches
  • Instasleeves for tubes repair at a specific location along the tube

Heat Exchanger Components and Materials:

  • Manufacture new components such as support plates, end plates, tube sheets, channels, shells, shrouds, pass partitions, impingement plates, etc.
  • Furnish Straight, Finned and U-bent tubing for new or rebuilding projects
  • Replacement Gaskets
  • New Manways and Waterbox Openings
  • Anti Vibration Tube Stakes
  • Replacement Expansion Joints
  • Replacement Hardware and Fasteners
  • Replacement Tube and Tubesheet Packing and Packing Glands
  • Spool Sections for defective or eroded heat exchanger shells
  • Spreader Beams for lifting of tube crates
  • Deaerator Trays and Screens
  • Epoxy Coating Materials
  • Tube Sleeves
  • Tie Rods and Spacers
  • Replacement Flanges
  • Tube Sleeves


  • Design and manufacture of ASME code and non code heat exchanger
  • Re-design and upgrade heat exchangers to enhance performance and reliability
  • Perform failure analysis on heat exchangers and provide written report of the root cause for failure along with recommendations for corrective action

Retubing/Rebuilding Tools and Consumables:

  • Full line tube expanding controllers and exchangers tubes
  • Tube End Expansion Lubricant
  • Replacement Tube End Expansion Expanders, Mandrels and Rolls
  • Tube End Facing Tools and Replacement Blades
  • Belling/flaring Tools
  • Internal Tube Cutters and Replacement Blades
  • Hydroswage Mandreis & Sleeves

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