Heat exchanger specialists: Capabilities

Heat Exchanger and Condenser Services offered by Exchanger Services include:


  • Thermal & Mechanical Design
  • Troubleshooting, Creative and Long Term Problem Solving
  • Life Assessment and Reliability Enhancements
  • Thermal and Mechanical Performance Upgrades and Retrofits
  • Conversion Of Welded Divider Plates And Channel Closures To Bolted Designs In Order To Facilitate Easier Access For Maintenance And Repairs

Testing & Quality

  • Eddy Current Tube Testing
  • Remote Field Tube Testing (Ferrous Tubing)
  • Ultrasonic Testing
  • Hydrostatic and Vacuum Testing to Verify a Leak Free Tube to Tube Sheet Joint Seal
  • Certified Visual Inspection

Tube Expansion

  • Hydraulic Tube Expansion
  • Mechanical (Roller) Expansion (3 and 5 Roller)
  • Parallel expansion

Tube Sleeving

  • Hydraulic Installation of Full-Length Tube Liners
  • Hydraulic Installation of Tube Sleeves to Provide Leak Free Repairs
  • Installation of Tube Inserts to minimize Inlet Erosion
  • Installation Of Tube Inserts To Repair Tube Damage Caused By Ammonia Attack Behind The Tubesheet.

Tool Rental Technical Support

  • Provide Specialized Tool Rental and Technical Support to Assist Plant Personnel or Contracted Labor When Retubing or Rebuilding Various Heat Exchangers or Condensers
  • Detailed Planning, Engineering and Overall Management of Heat Exchanger or Condenser Rebuilding Projects

Shop Services

  • Tube Bundles and Heat Exchangers can be Shipped to Our Shop For Cleaning, Inspection, Analysis, Testing and Reconditioning.

Tube Cutting

  • Mechanical Internal Tube Cutting (5 methods)
  • External Tube Cutting (4 Methods)
  • Removal of Tube Samples for Metallurgical Analysis and Verification of Eddy Current Testing Results
  • Full Length Tube Sample Cutting And Removal

Tube Plugging

  • Installation of Mechanical Plugs (6 Methods)
  • Installation of Hydraulic Plugs
  • Mechanically Expand Dummy Tube Plugs in Low Pressure Applications
  • Removal of Failed and Suspect Mechanical Tube Plugs (6 Methods)
  • Permanent Repair Of Leaking Tube Sheet Weld Patches And Cavities
  • Tube sleeving

Retube/Rebuild and Repair

  • Certified Welding Repairs
  • Feedwater Heater Rebuilding (Either On-Site or at Our Code Shop)
  • Heat Exchanger Rebuilding (Either On-Site or at Our Certified Code Shop)
  • Condenser Retubing
  • Finned Tube Heat Exchanger Retubing
  • Tube Sheet Repair, Restoration or Replacement
  • Field Machining, Flange Resurfacing and Gasket Replacement
  • Bolting Services to Eliminate Leaking Flanges and Channel Closures
  • ASME Code Welding, Rigging, Removal and Re-installation of Heat Exchangers
  • Transportation of Heat Exchangers and Heat Exchanger Components
  • Bundle Pulling
  • Boiler Repairs
  • Tube and Panel Replacement

Bundle Removal

Exchanger Services can install and remove existing exchanger units on site for routine maintenance, re-builds or inspections.

No matter what size of vessel or tube bundles to be pulled, Exchanger Services can facilitate your requirements.

Orbital Welding of Tube to Tube Sheet

Exchanger Services has welded hundreds of thousands of tube ends over the years in many different alloys and tube sizes.

We have the experience to  to complete the required tasks quickly and with the utmost quality.

Orbital Pipe to Pipe Welding

Many construction sites and fabrication shops have learned the capabilities of Orbital Pipe welds for consistant tig welding with minimal repair work and high production welding.

Exchanger Services pipe welding with Magnatech D-heads will meet and surpass your expectations.

Let us quote your welding requirements.

Tube to Tube Sheet Welding

Pipe Fabrication

Fabrication of steel and alloys for all pipe sizes.

Fabrication of steel and alloy pipe spools.

Installation of all piping components on-site or manufacturer's plant.

Pipe fabrication conforms to CSA B-51 (pressure vessels).

Exchanger Services welds piping with the latest orbital welding equipment and manual welding techniques.

Our fabricated components and welding procedures meet various standards such as NACE, CSA, ASME, TEMA & CWB.



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